Friday, July 01, 2005


Photos from Seth's Opening

The AGO was home to huge crowd of comics cognoscenti, art patrons, rock stars, and people desparately seeking respite from the 33 degree heat of downtown Toronto on June 29th, 2005.

The billboard outside the AGO featuring Seth's poster for the show.

The centrepiece of the exhibit, the town of Dominion.

cartoonist seth in tux at ago
The cartoonist and his creations.

seth and tania
Seth and his beautiful wife Tania.

cartoonist seth poster ago
Despite the catalog notes about a "new comics underground" reacting to the "cooption of art," the Gallery still has to pay its bills. In the foreground, a framed example of the limited edition (of 200) silkscreen print of the exhibit poster.

T-shirts in art-hipster black ...

cartoonist seth t-shirt
...and "Seth green"

peter birkemoe & chris oliveros
Peter Birkemoe (The Beguiling), Nathalie Atkinson (Publishers Weekly), and Chris Oliveros (Drawn and Quarterly) were on hand for the opening.

cartoonist seth and chester brown a the art gallery of ontario, 2005
Chester Brown and his "posse".

Art Gallery of Ontario
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